Who are Cow-Shed Startup?

Cow-Shed has a track record of over 15 years designing and developing bespoke websites for small businesses.

Our experience working with small businesses over the years has allowed us to identify the key elements that are essential to a successful enterprise. A good website remains an important feature, but for a startup there are critical components, including business and marketing plans, that need to be created before the website. This ensures that your website conveys a clear message to your target customers and will avoid expensive rework later on.

In addition to creating and running our own businesses, we’re experienced in using business tools such as Lean and Six Sigma which we’ve applied to startup businesses to improve performance and profitability. Our team has extensive business experience in consulting and project management gained at large financial services firms, and include Chartered Accountancy (ACA) and Six Sigma Black Belt among their qualifications.


Cow-Shed has the expertise to take your new business startup all the way from idea to implementation. We base our approach on Lean Startup, a proven methodology used by many successful entrepreneurs.

Our two-day startup workshop is ideal if you’re clear on your product and market and want to get up and running as soon as possible. You’ll leave the workshop having covered all the key areas required to start your business, including a live website and social media accounts up and running.

We also provide customised training in each business startup stage - both online and in person. We’re flexible and can work with you on separate components of your business - for example, website design or social media setup.

Starting a new business is an exciting time but can be stressful and potentially overwhelming. Cow-Shed will provide the expertise and support to deal with these challenges and to set your business up for success.