Branding Your Business

What is a brand identity?

  • Logo
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Your "voice"
  • Images

Our key message is to keep it simple. Your logo can often look best with just one or two colours and with clean, simple imagery. You don't want to overcomplicate it. Keep your tagline simple too - make sure its obvious what your business provides.

Conversely, you dont want to be too generic and avoid creating a brand which will be easy to recognise.

Aim for a logo with clear graphics and with clear language on the tagline.

Creating Your Logo

Your Brand Identity will become clearer during the Business and Marketing workshops. We work with you to clarify your business and marketing goals and your unique value proposition. When your message is clear, we can start to look at the graphics to go with this message.

There are two approaches:

  • We can recommend a company specialising in online Logo Generation who can work with you to create 4 initial logo concepts for you to choose from. All designs will be unique to your business (not always the case with online logo generation.) Once you have chosen the logo you prefer, they will carry out unlimited design revisions until you are happy with your final logo.
  • We also recommend a local Graphic Design Agency, Peper-Design, who provide a bespoke logo creation service. The majority of our clients use Peper-Design for their logo creation. Peper-Design will sit down with you and listen to your brand requirements and design 3 initial logo concepts based on you and on your business and marketing plans. As with the online company, design revisions can be carried out on your preferred logo until you are completely happy.