Business In A Day

Do you have a great business idea but don't know where to start. Our Business In A Day Workshop will get you up and running.

The day starts with a Business Plan session where we work with you to create a ONE PAGE BUSINESS PLAN with your business goals clearly defined.

The second session of the day creates your ONE PAGE MARKETING PLAN tailored to your product and target customers.

The third session focusses on the CONTENT you want to convey to your target customers on your website and social media channels

During the afternoon we create a 4 page WEBSITE based on one of 3 standard templates to get you up and running. Pages usually include Home, About, Product and Contact. We define a list of additional pages you will want to add in the future - including blogs and ecommerce options.

Whilst the website is being built, we look at SOCIAL MEDIA and how it can grow your business.

Finally we look at Google Analytics and Instagram Insights so that you can MEASURE the success of your business goals.