Business Model

Defining a business model can feel like a big deal for a new business. An effective business model is an essential component for a startup, but where do you start?

Together, we will document a powerful one-page business model to define the key business, product and financial aspects of your business. We use a Lean Startup approach to create a business model that is clear, relevant, reusable and will set your business up for success.

Lean Approach

"A business model describes how you create, deliver and capture value from your customers" - Saul Kaplan

Too often we see businesses who have created a long, complicated business plan they never update and never read. This is why we base our approach on Ash Maurya's Lean Canvas, which is a neat and succinct way of explaining how a business creates value on a single page.

The Lean Canvas approach is used by thousands of entrepreneurs, universities, accelerators and groups inside big organisations to set out how they will help their clients solve a problem. Once you know how you will help your client solve their problem, you can understand the value your client will gain from your solution. Then you can start capturing some of this value from your client to grow your business.