Financial Model

A simple Financial Model is essentially a spreadsheet that allows you to model how your profit will look depending on the spending decisions you make.

We start by looking at your financial data - usually extracted from your accounting system (such as Xero or Quickbooks). This allows us to understand key metrics including your profit margin and fixed and variable costs. We can then model key assumptions on how you can grow your business and project forward how these options might impact profitability the future.


Most businesses have a wishlist of initiatives they want to undertake - but find it hard to prioritise which ones they should focus on. Cow-Shed have expertise in the full lifecycle of small businesses and can advise on which initiatives are likely to provide the highest return on investment.

Businesses can struggle to fund fixed assets and working capital in the early days can often benefit from additional financing to grow the business faster and create more value.

Cow-Shed can work with you to pitch your business model to investors or liaise with lenders to obtain funding. Investors often want to see a compelling overall business model rather than a solution in isolation.