One page marketing plan

This can be a make or break area for a new business. Identifying the right market for your product will have a huge positive impact on your business. Conversely, even a great product in the wrong market is likely to lead to very few sales.

Aiming at the right market for your product is definitely a critical step, but what message should you be sending to your prospective customers? And what's the best way to communicate with your target customers? What channels should you use, and how can you use social media to enhance your brand and trust among your potential customers?

These can be tough decisions to make. At Cow-Shed we will work through these with you using tools that we have tailored to meet the needs of your business.

At the end of the process you will have a one-page marketing plan which summarises the key components for your business. Like the business plan, this will be a living document that will guide your business as it grows.