Social media platforms are important tools to provide credibility and build trust with your customers. A clear strategy and plan aligned with your marketing goals are essential to avoid a lot of wasted time and effort. We will help you select which channels align best with your target market and provide you with tools, tips and guidelines to increase your return on time invested.

Social Media is a natural way to connect with customers and show how you are embracing your brand values. It is also a great way to show how you are an expert in your field, which in turn builds trust in your business. By posting regularly in an entertaining and informative way you can build brand awareness and credibility.

Social Media can help grow your business by increasing website traffic, generating leads and even by increasing word of mouth referrals by partnering with influencers. It’s estimated that word of mouth drives 20 to 50 % of purchasing decisions.


This session creates a content plan for one month for up to 3 channels.

1) Content ideas and strategies for posts and stories

We brainstorm ideas for the type of content you want to share. The key types of content include

  • Content that shows off your personality.
  • Content that shows off your brand values. What makes your brand unique - how will you highlight these qualities.
  • Content that brings your brand story to life
  • Content that offers advice about your expertise. Educational content that boosts your audience’s knowledge is always popular.
  • Content promoting your product or services. For example, demonstrate how your product can fit into your audience’s life and inspire people to share how they use it.

We brainstorm 4 or 5 content ideas for each category to help you get started.

2) Scheduling Applications

Creating a posting schedule and planning your content mix in advance ensures everything you post supports your business goals. It also gives you time to craft your message and ensure images and captions are well thought through. We help you publish your posts at the best times for your audience and that you mix up your content and format. Beautiful photos are always popular but video gets the highest engagement.

There are different ways of mixing your message. 80/20: 80% of your posts inform, educate or entertain your audience and that 20% directly promote your brand. Social media rule of thirds: 1/3 promotes your business, converts readers and generates profit, 1/3 shares ideas and stories from thought leaders in your industry and 1/3 involves personal interactions with your audience

We use a scheduling tool (usually Later) to schedule posts across IG, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. LinkedIn and YouTube posts will be made manually.

3) Interacting with Social Media communities

Now you have a plan for getting your content onto your social media channels, you need to make sure it is seen by your potential customers. We discuss different strategies for increasing your reach and interactions with the social media communities.