The aim of our workshop programme is to provide you with the tools to set up your business and to maximise your profits.

We deliver the Cow-Shed Startup programme through a series of six modules over a six to eight week period. We run our workshops face-to-face (in person or using Skype) for you and members of your team. Each workshop lasts two to three hours.

At the end of the process, you will have a structured framework and set of reusable tools to grow, track and improve your profitability.


A good business plan is an essential first step for a startup. We will work with you to create a one page business plan, based on Lean Startup methodology.


All businesses need to be able to forecast their profits. Cow-Shed will provide you with the tools to create a profit forecast for your business and show you how to maintain a positive cashflow.


Cow-Shed will help you create a succinct one page marketing plan tailored to your product and target customers.


Cow-Shed will work with you to create a one page website to generate sales based on your marketing plan.


Social Media can grow your business. We work with you to set up your social media to support your marketing goals.


We help you set up an easy to use dashboard so you can measure your success against your plans.