Bikes of the future

The world’s first spokeless and hubless bike

Bikes of the future

The Cyclotron Bike is the world’s first commercially available spokeless and hubless bike. Made of space grade carbon fibre composite, its monocoque frame is ultra lightweight, stiff and rigid.

Without the spoke and hub, the wheels are more aerodynamic which helps make the cyclotron bike faster and more comfortable to ride. Another advantage is that the space where the spokes and hub should be can now be used to carry items such as groceries.

The bike has fully integrated electronics from its 18-speed e-gear box to its LED lit wheel rims, rear lights and a bike laser lane projector which helps keep other vehicles behind you at a safe distance as well as making it easy for other road users to see the bike. Built-in sensors track data such as your heart rate, speed and distance travelled.

And now the folding bike market is set to be revolutionalised by inventors Alan Rallings and Rishi Haraniya, who have developed the E-Cyclopic folding bike (not related to The Cyclotron). Using their own patented drive system, the E-Cyclopic bike is lightweight, stackable and clean (no grease or oil). We love the way the bike can be folded with the small rear wheel swinging round and snapping inside the larger front wheel within 5 seconds.