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Turn your idea into a profitable business

Create business and financial models to enable your business to create value for your customers and generate sustainable profits for you.

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Business Model

Clarify the problem you solve for your clients and how you create value for them and provide sustainable profits for your business

Financial Model

Quantify your business model by putting numbers to the key components that drive your business

Marketing Strategy

Create key messages and develop channels to attract your target clients and achieve your sales targets


Create an implementation dashboard and receive ongoing business support and advice to achieve your profit targets

How it works

Partner with Cow-Shed to create and achieve profit targets

Design your business to generate profits

Analyse your business idea and produce a business model using a methodology based on Lean Canvas. We'll review your product or service and create a plan to show how your business will deliver value to your customers and generate profits. 

Create a financial model

Understand your business's profits, cash flow and investment

Use your business model to create financial projections so that you can see what investment is required to start your business and what profits you can expect. Cash flow is critical especially at the start, so we'll show you how to track and manage your business's cash.

Market to the right clients

Use marketing to achieve your sales targets

Work out who your target customers are and develop a strategy to attract them. We'll look at your key messages and how you reach your customers to ensure that your business achieves its sales targets.


Focus on achieving your turnover targets

Create a clear implementation dashboard, recruit an outstanding team, hit your milestones, receive feedback to ensure you hit your profit targets.

About Cow-Shed

Cow-Shed specialise in working with startups to create business and financial models and marketing strategies that will enable strong growth and deliver sustainable profits. We base our approach on lean startup methodology, starting with the Lean Canvas as the foundation for the financial model and marketing strategy.

In addition to working with startups in the UK and US, we’ve worked on setting up new operations for major global investment banks in the UK, US, Asia and India.

Cow-Shed Guildford based Startup Support
Portrait photo of co-founder JohnnyCow-Shed co-founder supports startups and small businesses

John specialises in the business and financial elements of the start-up course and providing financial analysis including profitability, cash flow, investment return and financing options to help your business generate sustainable profits. A qualified chartered accountant and treasurer with many years of experience working with firms of difference sizes and sectors.

Portrait photo of co-founder EmmaCow-Shed co-founder supports startups and small businesses

Emma leads the marketing, website and social media aspects of the programme, drawing on experience as a management consultant, project manager and web designer to set your business up for success and to fine-tune your online strategy as your business evolves.

Cow-Shed Clients

Cow-Shed has worked with many startups and small businesses over the last 15 years. In addition to working with startups in the UK and US, we’ve worked on setting up new operations for major global investment banks in the UK, US, Asia and India.

Frequently asked questions

Does the intensive course have to be done in a week?

We recommend taking the 5-day intensive start up course during one week if you want to start your business straight away. If you are planning to set up your business over a longer timeframe (perhaps alongside your current career), we can spread the course out over a longer timeframe. We're happy to discuss options to fit in with your commitments and requirements.

Can I sign up for just the website?

The course includes the design and go-live of your business's website. Each of the course modules contributes to the process of designing, building and launching your website. We also design and build websites for clients separately - if this is what you need please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

What support do you provide after the course?

You'll probably have questions after the course, particuarly in the early days following your the launch of your business. We're on hand to help with your queries and can also provide support if there are specific areas that you need help with, as part of our personalised 1:1 offering. We inlcude one month of business mentoring in the course package, which can be extended at our usual rate.

Have more questions?

Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

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