Website and Social

Your website is a shop window for your business and is usually at the heart of your online presence. A good website needs to be visually appealing and convey a clear message in a matter of seconds. A credible and up-to-date website is important for all businesses and essential for e-commerce enterprises.

Cow-Shed offers custom-built websites. Where appropriate we integrate your site with Shopify for e-commerce websites, Squarespace for portfolio websites and Webflow for content rich websites.  We'll ensure that your social media channels are optimised and show you how to maximise the impact of both your website and your social media for your business.

Convert customers with a great website

Your website is your digital store front and needs to display your brand and tell your story to ensure customers engage. It’s not enough to drive people to your website, you need to capture their attention  and convert them into paying customers.  

Read about the six components every successful website should have on our blog.

As well as creating and maintaining websites and social media, we also set up Client Management Systems such as Hubspot to manage your client interaction and Mail Marketing Systems such as Mailchimp to reach out to your customers.

Custom Websites

A custom website will let you reflect your unique brand to your customers. Our skilled designers will take your requirements and propose a selection of logos and website designs for you to choose from. We then take your chosen design and create a bespoke website that is unique to your business.

We offer ongoing support packages and content management solutions for the maintenance of your content.

Content Management Websites

We work with 3 main Content Management Website Providers: Webflow, Shopify and Squarespace.

If you are starting an e-commerce business, a Shopify website is an excellent choice. As a Shopify Partner we are able to help you choose the best starting template for your business and customise it to reflect your brand and objectives. We offer a one day Shopify startup package where we work with you for a day and set up all aspects of your shopify website so you are ready to go quickly. We can also offer custom coding solutions where your chosen template needs a little customisation and can help you integrate Shopify Apps into your site to give your customers an excellent experience.

If you have a portfolio business, for example garden design, floristry or  photography, you will want to showcase your images as well as information about how you can help your customers. Squarespace has beautiful templates which can work well for a simple site, and also offers the opportunity to build a bespoke site from scratch using their design interface. We love the way that Squarespace makes it easy for business owners to edit their sites by upload new images and update text to keep their website fresh.  Often we use custom coding on a Squarespace site to give it the look and feel of a bespoke site with the editing benefits of the Squarespace platform.

If you have a content rich website and are looking for a truly bespoke site, Webflow is a great option. It offers a great design experience with interesting animations and an easy to configure database system. The Cow-Shed website is built on Webflow.

Whichever way we build you site, we make sure it runs fast - one of the key requirements for Google and something sites built on platforms like wordpress can't compete with. We also work with you to integrate search engine optimisation into the core of your site.

Designing your website - bespoke vs template

We work with talented designers who will listen to your requirements and create a brand identity for you.

We offer the option of designing a custom website layout for you or using a Shopify, Squarespace or Webflow template - either as a starting point or for your final site design.

With a custom website layout, we will look at different sites you like, across various categories, and create a design which takes the things you like to create a truly bespoke layout. We then build out the design as a stand alone site, or integrate with Shopify, Squarespace or Webflow depending on your requirements.

We also offer the option to choose a template for your website as a starting point or to use without any additional design - this can be a cheaper option.  We spent time with you discussing templates which could work for your business and can then see if additional design work would be useful to implement additional features or to elevate the look and feel.

Social Media

Social Media will be an important part of your marketing strategy. LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Tik Tok are all ways for you to share your brand and make people aware of how you can help them.

We offer short bespoke individual and group training sessions to help you set up and use these platforms effectively to reach your target market.

We also offer design services to create media for you to post.