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6 Components every website should have

Your website is your digital store front and its important to get it right.

Your website is your digital store front and needs to display your brand and tell your story to ensure customers engage.  It’s not enough to drive people to your website, you need to capture their attention  and convert them into paying customers.  

There are 6 components every successful website should have.  

Purpose : The purpose of your website must be very clear.  You have about 5 seconds to capture your customers’ attention before they move onto another site.  

Content :
Useful content is vital to make your visitors stay on your site and return to it in future.  Balance concise attention grabbing content on your main pages with detailed informative and practical content that will educate and inform your visitors and position you as an expert.  Content that builds trust, authority and respect brings visitors back to your site until they are ready to buy.

Usability :
The site should be simple and easy to navigate

Appearance :
Your website should have a unique look to spark your visitors’ interest. Website trends for 2021 suggest the most popular designs will be as simple as possible with cool subtle colours to counteract our noisy world.  

Functionality :
In addition to your marketing message, what functionality do you want to offer your clients :  eCommerce, booking engine, customer relationship management.
SEO makes it easier for search engines eg Google to find your site - authenticity is key.

Performance :
Your website needs to be fast.  Whizzy graphics, animations and videos can be fabulous, but if they slow down your site, your visitors will move onto another faster site.  Google’s speed testing tool is a good way to check how your website is performing.

February 1, 2021

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