The Salwey Lodge

The Salwey Lodge offers walking holidays from historic accommodation. A bespoke website and AI-curated content enhance the experience, ensuring visitors clearly understand the offerings available.




Bespoke Website •

Content Creation

Project Summary

Cow-Shed collaborated with Peper Design to build a custom website for The Salwey Lodge's new business venture offering bespoke walking holidays. Cow-Shed developed a bespoke website using HTML and CSS to match the design provided by Peper Design. This collaboration ensured the website was visually appealing and functionally robust. A final review with Arabella and Peper Design perfected the layout, ensuring it looked polished and effectively communicated The Salwey Lodge's offerings to potential customers.

Cow-Shed collaborated with Arabella at The Salwey Lodge to refine the messaging for her target audience. When visitors first come across the website, it is important that they immediately understand what The Salwey Lodge is offering. Cow-Shed worked with Artificial Intelligence technology to refine the text Arabella had initially drafted, to make it clearer and more compelling, highlighting the luxurious walking holidays based from historic accommodation.  The original message was transformed into a more positive and engaging one, ensuring potential customers could easily grasp the unique experience of staying at a Grade II* listed home while enjoying varied walking itineraries with friends.


I strongly recommend using the lovely Emma at Cow-Shed. She has been brilliant at designing a stunning website for my new business, not only in the design and performance but also helping me convey what I wanted the website to say and do. And she was so professional and patient dealing with a business novice like myself. Thank you Emma. Could not recommend more highly
Arabella Salwey