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AI Beer Startup

Startup beer changes its taste based on customer feedback

IntelligentX is a beer created by startup Weare10x to show how data and artificial intelligence can be used in a strategic way.

Beer customers are asked to give feedback on the beer by scanning a Facebook Messenger code on the label. A Facebook Messenger bot takes customers through a series of questions relating to the beer being drunk and feeds the answers into a brewing machine learning algorithm. Master Brewers then adjust the brewing recipe to ensure each batch becomes more closely tuned to customers' tastes.

To avoid the beer becoming too generic, the brewers throw in the occasional wild card ingredient so that the algorithm is always learning more about what people like.

As well as brewing a delicious brew, Weare10x have given talks on the lessons they have learnt and how a smart data strategy can drive your business forward. They chose beer to because brewing in small batches was was a great way to iterate quickly based on customer feedback before scaling up.

At Cow-Shed we think this is definitely a beer worth looking out for.

June 8, 2022

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