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Tome allows users to create stunning presentations from a prompt in seconds

When we had to create an AI presentation this week, it seemed sensible to let AI do most of the work for us - and everyone at Cow-Shed HQ was blown away by how quickly Tome created a well structured presentation with good text and images.

Tome is a AI storytelling tool which uses generative AI models like GPT-4 (for text) and Dall-E-2 (for images). It allows users to generate narratives with content and images within seconds. It can generate everything from business presentations to children's bedtime stories.

By typing a command such as "How AI is used in Formula One Racing"  Tome generates a narrative outline and then continues to create content and images for each slide of the presentation within seconds.Tome allows you to use AI to adjust the tone and length of the content it generates and to edit the images. 3D Models, animations and video bring the presentation to life.

Keith Peiris and Henri Liriani  launched Tome as a free beta test version in September 2022 and integrated AI models from OpenAi (GPT and Dall-E-2) a few months later. By February 2023, 134 days after launch, Tome passed 1 million users, making Tome the fastest productivity tool, ahead of Dropbox, Slack and Zoom. In February Tomeraised $43millino in a Series B funding round which valued Tome at $300 million.

Whilst Tome was built as a Story telling app, Peiris shares that "no-one uses your tools the way you envisioned, the same has been true with Tome.

When we started building Tome in the early days of the pandemic, my cofounder, Henri Liriani, and I thought we were building for someone we knew. Our archetype was a technical software designer, or a product manager, who had ideas to present.  

But since we launched in September, we've seen Tome being used by parents to create stories for their children. Doctors are making pre-surgery explanations and post-operation guides. Greylock partner and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman made a visual podcast with Tome. One user created a guide for smoking a Texas brisket.

My mom used to have a WhatsApp group with her Sri Lankan "auntie" friends that sort of functioned like a giant photo gallery. Now, they're using Tome, which is a use case I had never even thought about

Here is a link to a presentation we created in Tome in just a few seconds (we went on to edit it to include additional information).

June 27, 2023

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