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AI Route Planning

The British Antarctic Survey AI Lab has used AI to work out the fastest, most fuel efficient route.

Excited to see the RRS Sir David Attenborough will be using artificial intelligence to work out the fastest most fuel efficient route through  sea ice, challenging ocean dynamics and polar weather.  ⁠

The British Antarctic Survey AI Lab has created the equivalent of a car sat nav, writing algorithms to look at environmental data and work out the best navigational route.  As well as updating the route as conditions change, the sat nav will be able to use long term data to predict environmental conditions up to 6 months ahead.⁠

The use of AI will also reduce carbon emissions as the route can be planned to avoid ice which takes a lot of energy to move through (even more energy is needed if the ship gets stuck in the ice!).⁠

Although there are several systems available for weather routing through open seas, this is the first time a system has been able to consider ice and its impact on fuel and environmental impacts.⁠

November 15, 2022

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