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Startup Real Fast Reports combines AI efficiency with a teacher's personal touch to create school reports for pupils

As parents who have received school reports with a different child's name on it, we can't help but be intrigued by the recent rise of AI-generated end-of-year reports for students. Real Fast Reports, a technology company founded by two former teachers, uses AI similar to ChatGPT to create unique, personalised assessments for each pupil based on bullet points provided by teachers.

The software reportedly reduces the chance of mistakes while providing rich, personalized reports. More than a thousand teachers have already adopted the service, which was launched last year and costs £10 annually. The AI-generated reports are written in fluent prose and automatically insert the pupil's name and gender pronouns.

However, the quality of these reports relies heavily on the input provided by teachers - as the company's website states, "garbage in, garbage out." These AI-generated reports have sparked some controversy, with critics calling them a "lazy and deceitful cop-out" that brings the teaching profession into disrepute.

Despite the criticism, Real Fast Reports' co-founder, Peter Gravell, argues that the technology produces better school reports than many pupils typically receive. He asserts that the service balances the efficiency of AI with the personal touch only a teacher can provide. Additionally, teachers have mentioned that writing in bullet points forces them to think more carefully about the feedback they provide, making the AI-generated reports a valuable resource for educators, particularly those with dyslexia or those who do not speak English as a first language.

April 25, 2023

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