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Animal free egg startup

Which comes first? The Chicken or the Egg White?

Onego Bio is a Finish startup who has created animal free egg whites without a chicken.  

Global egg production has almost doubled its volumes during the past 20 years and is forecasted to reach 138 million tonnes by 2030, so this is a good time to come up with alternative ways of creating eggs.

Bioalbumen is an animal-free egg protein, produced with a specific precision fermentation process that creates identical egg white protein without the need for animals. The genetic code of the egg white is used to create an organism which is fed with sugar to create the protein.  The egg white is then created by mixing the protein with water.

These egg whites work better for recipes like chocolate mousse or fitness drinks than egg white omelettes.

Onego Bio is looking to raise E10m in its seed round, despite the fact that EU regulators haven’t cleared it for sale yet.  

The Every Company, based in the US, created a similar product in 2021.

March 1, 2022

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