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Beer Brewing Startup

Brew your own beer as easily as you brew coffee

Beer startup the Greater Good Fresh Brewing Company have created a beer machine to let people brew their own beer as easily as they brew coffee.

Craft beer is very popular, but most beer drinkers still drink mainstream beer. The Greater Good aim to revolutionise home beer drinking by creating a reliable and simple beer brewing device.

It has taken them 7 years to create their brewing vessel - known as a Pinter - that can brew 10 pints of beer in 4-5 days.  Customers choose from a variety of beers which are delivered as a concentrate called a fresh press - you just add this to the Pinter with yeast, water and brew!  The concept is similar to making coffee from pods in a nespresso machine.  There are a variety of Fresh Presses - including lagers, IPAs and fruit ciders - to choose from. These are cleverly packaged to fit through your letterbox - and because at this stage they don’t contain alcohol there is no need for them to be signed for.

Unprecedented sustainability gains include reducing packaging by 70% and CO2 by 50% and the company aims to be carbon neutral by 2022.

The Greater Good was funded by over 700 backers in a kickstarter campaign that raised over £55,000.

Cow-Shed HQ were delighted to get a Pinter as a Father’s Day present and are currently brewing our first lager!  We are big fans of the fabulous design and packaging - we will keep you posted as to how our first brew turns out on our blog.

June 20, 2021