Bike rental Startup

Bounce has updated their business model to use mom and pop distribution.

Bike rental Startup

Bounce, a Bangalore startup has raised over $100 million to expand its network of 20,000 dockless bikes and scooters in over 30 cities in India.

Bounce originally had an operations team in each city to market the scooters. Customers rent the scooters for as little as 1 India rupee for the first kilometer they ride and then leave them in a docking station or partnered mom and pop store when they have finished.

There are millions of mom and pop stores in Indian cities, towns and villages and Bounce are not the first startup to work with them. Recently Amazon partnered with more than 20,000 mom and pop stores to help them store and deliver packages.

Co-founder and CEO Vivekananda Hallekere says “We realised that it was not the most efficient move to expand Bounce’s network on our own. We launch in the cities with our own vehicles, but over time, these micro-entrepreneurs deploy their own bikes and scooters. They are still using our app, and are part of the Bounce platform, but they don’t have to be locked into our scooter ecosystem”.

This new Business Model is “scalable and profitable, and helps us create the most impact” he explained.

At Cow-Shed we believe getting your Business Model right is the secret to a successful business. Great news that Bounce is taking their Business Model seriously.