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Britain is European Fintech Capital

Investment into UK's fintech sector is second only to US globally

The UK is one of the most exciting fintech hubs globally. This year $4.9b has been invested into the UK’s fintech sector which puts it in second place globally to US, who had investment of $1.63b and just above India with $3.9b. China has dropped to 4th place with $1.8b.

Greensill, a UK provider of supply chain finance to customers globally, was involved in the second largest deal worldwide last year when it raised $800m from Softbank.

Charlotte Crosswell, chief executive of Innovate Finance says “We are a world-leading fintech hub, and as the figures reveal, the epicentre of fintech in Europe – all of which is a testament to the fact that the UK is a leading destination to start and scale a fintech business.”

Funding Circle is an example of a UK Fintech company who has just announced a record year. Funding Circle links amateur lenders with people wanting to take out a small loan. The lenders can sell off all or part of their loan if they want to exit, but to date this has been a slow process.

Image by liushuquan from Pixabay

February 13, 2020

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