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City Exploring Startup

Explore cities with a quiz game

Questo is a Romanian startup which helps people explore cities using an app on their phone.

Users choose a city and a quest and follow the clues to discover different areas of the city. When they get a clue right they learn more about the story for that place as well as earning points. There is even a leader board so users can compete against people all over the world.

Local people can apply to become independent creators and publish exploration games in their own city. Each game is rated by users, and can earn creators a small income.

Questo has expanded from 40 European cities in 2020 to over 100 cities in 2021. They have just raised $1.5 million in funding to help them double again to reach 200 cities, focussing on the US, by the end of 2021.

At Cow-shed we love the look of the Great Plague of London Quest - by following clues users walk around 15 different places learning about the plague and exploring historic areas of London. Rather topical!

March 4, 2021