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Coding School Startup

01 Founders offers free coding lessons and a guaranteed job

The lack of skilled coders in the UK has been described as “catastrophic” so at cow-shed we are always excited to see revolutionary new coding school startups.  We have been watching 01 Founders with interest.  

01 Founders offers a free 2 year course to students who pass a gruelling 3 week coding challenge - and is unusually in not requiring any formal qualifications.  Every student is guaranteed a job when they graduate from the program.

The first 65 students enrolled at the new campus near Regents Park this summer and have spent the last few months learning by working together to solve problems which allow them to move onto subsequent levels through the program until they are ready to graduate.   

Founded by Brent Hoberman, 01 Founders is hoping to train 100,000 coders by 2030.  The approach is based on the Paris based Ecole 42 which is funded by philanthropists.  One difference is that the 01 Founders business model is self sustaining - being funded through recruitment fees paid by the companies who hire the students when they graduate.

December 16, 2021

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