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Creative equipment rental startup

Peer to peer lending for creative equipment

New Zealand startup Rent My Gear lets people list their creative equipment such as video cameras, monitors and mic systems for people in their area to rent out for their next project. Aimed at people in the film and tv industry it allows owners to create income from their equipment while borrowers get access to high quality gear at a reasonable price without relying on rental companies who only work out of NZ's main cities.

Rent My Gear was founded by Brian Mead and Andrew Woods in Auckland NZ. They had been working overseas and on returning to NZ found it very hard to source film equipment without going through friends of friends. They created a Facebook group which is now a hub for 5000 Kiwi freelancer and is supported by the Rent My Gear website.

Co-founders Brian Mead and Andrea Woods have worked hard to create a website which works and is safe and legal to use - "We have nearly killed eachother trying to get the website complete… but we made it!"

July 19, 2022

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