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Cultured Fat Startup

Startup makes animal fat for food without harming any animals

Meat alternatives are big business at the moment but many people believe you can’t make a delicious meat free meal that looks, cooks and tastes good without animal fat.

Hoxton Farm founders Max Jamilly and Ed Steele realised that plant oils just weren’t working - many have a taste that needs to be masked with salt, and others such as palm oil are unsustainable.  Growing fat cells from animals has never been done on a cost effective or large scale, but they have found a way to combine cell biology and mathematical modelling to create a clean source of animal fat efficiently. They take a harmless biopsy from an animal and use stem cells to establish a cell line which can be matured into fat cells in a bioreactor. 

Hoxton Farms won the Royal Chemical Society’s Emerging Technologies Competition in 2020 and are have just raised £2.7M in seed funding so they can hire a team in London and build their own lab. 

August 12, 2021