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Drink Printing Startup

Molecular beverage printer aims to reduce plastic, CO2 and water waste.

Did you know : 

It takes 600 litres of water to make 1 bottle of wine.

It takes 200 litres of water to make 1 glass of orange juice.

The average household uses over 3,500 beverage containers per year. Less than 20% get recycled. 

Cana is a revolutionary startup whose new device makes beverages such coffee, tea, soda, juice and cocktails all from a single recyclable cartridge.  The size, sugar content, flavour etc  of every drink can be customised and you can even up the alcohol in your cocktails. Cana aims to improve our environmental footprint by removing the waste created when manufactured drinks have to be shipped in single use bottles - we love the feature on the app showing how many bottles you have saved by using Cana.

Cana works on the basis that most drinks are 90% water with about 5% of the ingredients affecting the taste of the drink.  Rather than shipping water from manufacturing plant to customers, Cana just wants to ship the 5% unique ingredients, saving water waste, plastic waste, CO2 and greatly improving our environmental footprint.

The Cana unit is a molecular beverage printer which has a carbonation cylinder, sugar cartridge, spirits cartridge, ingredients cartridge and a water reservoir.  Each beverage is built at the molecular level using hundreds of natural ingredients from the ingredients cartridge dispensed at the millimetre level of accuracy mixed with the sugar, spirit and water cartridges.  Drinks are created in less than 30 seconds.

Creators are encouraged to add their unique beverages to Cana - with featured curators adding new drinks every month, so there are hundreds of different drinks to choose from.

The business model works by charging users for the drinks they consume - from 29c for a soda to $2.99 for a craft cocktail, on top of the purchase price of the unit (around $600 for early customers).  The cartridges are free and replacement cartridges are shipped to users every month. This pay per drink model is attractive for consumers who should save up to 50% off their monthly drinks budget, and good for Cana as a subscription model.  

March 22, 2022

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