Drone Survey Startup

Aerial inspections using drones help the construction industry

Drone Survey Startup

Iprosurv support the construction industry by providing aerial inspections of buildings and construction sites using drones. Drone inspection is more cost effective and also safer than manned inspection and provide detailed data immediately without the need for any downtime.

Iprosurv was launched by Rebecca and Shane Jones who realised the potential of drone technology in pioneering a new type of visual inspection service for businesses.

In January they were awarded a 2 year contract to provide drone services to the Home Office, in particular to blue light organisations and emergency services. As Rebecca Jones says : “Increasingly we have seen deployment for major incidents on the rise through our existing partnerships in instances such as fire and floods and it’s not an uncommon for Iprosurv to assist the emergency services with vital aerial data insights whilst the pilot teams have been on site.”

Video by Joshua Malic from Pixabay