Farming Robot Startup

The Small Robot Company lease robots to UK farms

Farming Robot Startup

The Small Robot Company @smallrobotcompany is an Agritech startup that wants to replace big tractors with small robots.

They have created small robots called Tom, Dick and Harry who plant, feed and weed arable crops autonomously, with minimal waste. Tom monitors and maps the crops. This precision robot knows exactly where the seeds have been planted, whether they have germinated and replaces them if they havent. Dick is the biggest robot and uses electricity rather than chemicals to zap weeds.

The robots collect data and use artificial intelligence to analysis to make decisions, such as which bits of land should be set aside and what to plant when and where to maximise yield.

Robots are smaller and more agile than tractors so they don’t need to plough before they push the seeds into the ground. This stops the soil from being squashed - which improves the soil health and root growth without chemicals meaining 90% less fertiliser. As no tilling is needed 95% of emissions will be reduced.

These small robots are saving chemicals and wildlife, protecting biodiversity. They definitely sound like the future of farming.