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Football Startup

Playermaker uses sensor technology to help players analyse their game

With football on many peoples minds, it seemed a good time to have a look at a great new football startup.

Playermaker is a startup using sensor technology to get training and match data on their players.  Sensors on players’ feet helps players improve their game by analysing information such as how involved they are in the game (based on ball touches etc), how much possession they have, their technical balance as well as tracking distance and speed.  

Data is shared with an app which allows clubs to help coach players on tactics as well as providing player analysis.  Over 150 elite academies and professional teams worldwide are already using the technology including Liverpool and Arsenal.  Arsene Wenger is a big fan. 

As well as pricing for squads (at about $10k) Playermaker have launched a product aimed at individuals at $249, which has proved very popular during the pandemic for players wanting to train remotely.

Playermaker have doubled their staff over the last 18 months to 60 people and raised a $10m Series B round in 2019.

July 8, 2021