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Getting your startup noticed

This clothing startup asked Ellie Goulding to wear their jacket

Getting your startup noticed is a big step towards success. We love Jaded London's success story and tips which can be applied to all startups.

Clothing startup Jaded London was founded by brother and sister Jade and Grant Goulden in 2013, but their big break came when Grant sent Ellie Goulding one of their sequinned bomber jackets in the hope that she would wear it. Although it wasn't right for her, she sent Grant a message saying "Its not right for me, but I'm currently in my flat with Taylor Swift and she really wants it. I was just wondering if you mind if I give it to her".

With Taylor Swift wearing the jacket to promote her 1989 album, fans from around the world started buying through the Jaded London website. More exposure followed when when Philip Green closed Top Shop and let Beyonce pick what ever she wanted. To Grant and Jade's delight, Beyonce chose a Jaded London outfit.  

Since these enourcements their brand has gone from strength to strength, reporting a net profit of £3 million on sales of over £20 million this year. They hope to almost double their sales in 2023. Since Covid, Jaded London have moved away from retail concessions and now drive customers to their website using Instagram and TikTok where they sell over 85% of their sales.

When asked for a tip for other entrepreneurs starting out, Grant said "The best advice I can give is to make sure you recognise your weaknesses early and get the right people to fill those gaps"

With thanks to Hanna Prevett, Deputy Editor Times Enterprise Network

October 20, 2022

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