Grow Your Own Startup

An urban farming startup

Grow Your Own Startup

Peas and Love is a French urban farming startup whose mission is to help people reconnect with nature and the world around us. They hope to bring vegetable growing plots to the heart of urban neighbourhoods so that people can grow their own food with the help of a pro if necessary.

The startup has 8 gardens established in Paris and Brussles where cities people can rent gardening parcels for €38 per month, with a selection of over 60 fruit and vegetables to grow. The garden parcels are maintained by an on-site community farmer to help people out. Some of the gardens are on roofs, and some at ground level. All are fabulous.

The startup’s app lets growers know when their crops are ready to harvest and also notifies them of activities they can participate in to learn more about their vegetable patch.

The team raised €1.2 million in Series A funding in 2018, and plan to have 100 farms across Europe.