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Hydroponic startup - Zipgrow

A vertical farm solution

In 2015 Bright Agrotech, a company with a mission to change how people grow and access food, launched a modular vertical growing system for indoor growers.

Vertical farms are often very large, both in floor area and racks of space and cost millions of dollars to start. Nate Storey, CEO wanted to provide a solution that makes vertical farming accessible to small growers. Zipfarm provide vertical growing racks on wheels that you can add to as you grow your indoor farm.

When Bright Agrotech was bought in 2017 by a Californian tech company, they kept Zipfarm out of the merger and moved it to their manufacturing and distribution partner in Canada.

Zipgrow racks use a hydroponic (no soil) system which recirculate water and nutrients and a separate light kit provides additional lighting (necessary for indoor or winter growing) to ensure consistent year round production.

In the UK, Square Mile Farms use Zipgrow racks to install vertical farms in homes and offices. Square Mile have raised over £500k from a crowdfunding campaign.

Thanks to BrightAgrotech on Pixabay for this image.

December 28, 2020