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Long range e-bike startup

Swiss startup launches long range e-bike

E-bikes are meant to be very good for beach riding, but a lack of range can often cause problems so we are pleased to see that Swiss e-bike startup Opium has created a long range e-bike that can travel up to 211 miles on a single charge, enough to get you round the Isle of White 4 times.

Improvements in battery technology have helped electric vehicles before more efficient and Opium has taken advantage of this to fit a 1,670 Wh battery to 2 of their new e-bikes with the option of a 470 Wh extender (needs to reach 211 mile range).

These bikes were be at Eurobike 2022 (July 13-17) in Frankfurt for everyone keen to see what these are going to look like close up - and cost!

November 29, 2022

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