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Pay at Table Startup

Sunday helps people pay their restaurant bill

Sunday is a restaurant payments startup who want to help people pay the bill at the end of their meal.

The 2 founders came up with the idea for Sunday early in the Covid pandemic when they realised making the payment process easier would help people with contactless payments. It isn’t particularly ground breaking - customers scan a QR code and are given options to split the bill and add a tip - but it is very simple to use

Sunday launched on 14th April 2021 following a $24 million seed round - the largest to date in the restaurant technology sector. Investors are impressed because the business is so scalable - they plan to have hundreds of millions of customers in a few years.

Already Sunday is in use in over 1300 restaurants across Europe - they have cleverly allowed restaurants to sign up for free to help encourage them to onboard, but eventually they will charge commission on each transaction.

April 15, 2021