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Plant-based Burger Startup

We celebrated Earth Day with a Vurger

We celebrated Earth Day with a vurger from our favourite plant based fast food restaurant. Sitting outside at a restaurant, on a beautiful day, eating a really delicous 100% plant based burger and chips was wonderful.

Vurger was founded in 2016 when founders Neil Potts and Rachel Hugh came up with a way to introduce plant based living to London. They visited California and realised this is a way of life in California. The plant based diet had the added benefit of curing Pott’s stomach problems which meant creating a vegan fast food business back in London was not just a great business opportunity but a big health win too.

They followed a lean approach to building up their business - starting small with a market stall to test their product and learn what their customers really wanted. Vurger quickly grew that into events, festivals and eventually, 2 years later, into their first restaurant in Shoreditch thanks to a crowdfunding campaign which was so successful they were the fastest restaurant to reach its target. VurgerRestaurants in Canary Wharf and Brighton are now open.

April 22, 2021