Quantum Startup

IonQ have built the worlds first commercial quantum computer.

Quantum Startup

IonQ, an American startup, have built the world’s first commercial quantum computer which is now being used by other companies to investigate chemical, medical and financial problems amongst others.

Quantum computers use the properties of quantum physics to solve complex problems in a fraction of the time spent by classical computers. They use quantum bits which are known as qubits. We are excited about IonQ as they are leading the field in Trapped Ion qubits - which is the technology they have based their quantum computer too. Google has also built a quantum computer - called Sycamore - but they used superconducting circuits for their qubits.

Chris Monroe and Junsang Kim started IonQ with $2million in seed funding in 2015 and then raised a further $20million the following year which enabled them to build 2 of the world’s most accurate quantum computers. Last year they raised another $55million which allowed them to make their quantum computers available via the cloud.

They now have 52 employees and 3 quantum computers and are based in Maryland, USA.