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Queueing Startup

QueQ allows users to virtually stand in a queue

QueQ is a Thai startup founded by Rungsun Promprasith in 2015 to revolutionise customers' approach to queuing.

The QueQ app is free to download and allows users to virtually join a queue when they are 2km or less from the venue they want to queue outside. The app shows a list of nearby venues available on the app and lets users book a place in the queue - giving them them a queueing number and estimated waiting time. Users appreciate the app's ability to help them save time outside crowded venues such as restaurants. Venues appreciate the apps ability to share data such as customer details, busy periods, wait times and can help with queueing times between different branches.

QueQ has offices in Thailand, Malaysia and Japan and has raised nearly $3 million in funding to date.

May 25, 2022

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