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Startup Giveaway

Millions startup is giving away money

A startup called Millions has come up with a novel way of gaining attention. This month they encourages people to follow their Twitter account @millions which gives away money to its followers each month. This month followers need to go to and pick 6 lucky numbers - if the numbers match their weekly draw, they win $1m! Millions are planning to do many drops and whilst this Twitter game encourages users to follow them on Twitter, future games will target other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Next month’s game will let people win $100k if they put their phone number into a website and it is just one digit off the target number.

The startup has anonymous founders, who sign their emails Anon McMillions. Ultimately they appear to be using the giveaways to aquire customers for their ultimate launch - rumoured to be MyCard, which will reward customers for everyday behavior.

So far Millions has raised $3million which they are currently using for customer aquisition in the form of giveaways. Investors all talk of the joy people get from winning money and how they want to be involved in such a exciting initiative.

At Cow-shed we are excited to see how this works out.

February 15, 2021