Street Bee Startup

Streetbees connects companies that need consumer data with real people through an app

Street Bee Startup

Market research is a $44 billion global industry.

Streetbee co-founder Tugce Bulut had a problem. She needed a way to obtain the market research insights that the companies she worked for really needed, quickly at a realistic price.

Her lightbulb moment came when one of Tugce’s clients, a tea company, wanted videos of real people actually making tea. She realised people were already making the media she needed, the challenge was creating a platform to collect the media so that it could be used for research.

Tugce’s solution was an app called Streetbees which connects companies that need consumer data with real people. Users answer short survey questions and send photos or videos of the products they are buying. Artificial intelligence then gets more information about the purchases, and this is turned into insights on a large scale.

Companies put in requests - such as photos of them making tea and asking for more information about why they have chosen their products. In return, the people taking part in the surveys are sometimes paid a small fee for their time.

Streetbees already work with leading companies like Unilever, BBC and Pesico. They do the research and present the results with a turnaround of 24 hours. Their aim is to be the first place people come to for market research within 2 years.