Surf Startup

Crowdfunder’s offices are in a converted surf shop in Newquay - great for surfing before work

Surf Startup

Crowdfunding is an alternative way of raising money from the peope around you. Crowdfunder is the UK’s leading crowdfunding platform and a real success story - they have raised more than £60 million for projects across the UK.

Crowdfunder’s offices are in a converted surf shop in Newquay. Surfing at lunchtime or before work is encouraged.

Executive chairman Rob Love says :

“We have an ambition to not just be really big in Cornwall or compete with London, we are working to be the best in the world at what we do.”

“There’s a tendency when you’re outside of the bigger cities to think small, when what’s needed is to be ambitious and think globally – those are the key drivers in our success.”

“Cornwall is full of innovators and creative thinkers. It attracts those kinds of people, they’re slightly different. It sets us apart because we’re not treading the normal trail but choosing to work down here so that’s a big advantage and I believe it’s a fundamental key.”

“I think the places in the world that tend to be on the edge physically, are also the places where you get good ideas.”

“Not only that but historically there were fewer opportunities in Cornwall than say London so everyone naturally has to be more creative to make it work.”

“Cornwall’s more connected than it’s ever been; the broadband is good and if we can surf in our lunch break, that’s all the better”