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Surfing Startup

Bespoke wetsuits for surfing dudes

Surfing is a fast growing and thrilling sport for those who manage to stand up and ride the waves.  

Andrew Park, a Los Angeles lifeguard and Grace Hsiang, a marketing manager, found that standing up on a board wasn’t the only surfing challenge - finding a wet suit to fit was also pretty tricky.  Their solution was to create high quality bespoke wetsuit based on 16 measurements provided by the surfer out of Yamamoto neoprene - made from Japanese limestone - which is extremely comfortable as well as providing excellent performance.  Surfers can also choose their wetsuit colour and thickness.  

The startup @7till8wetsuits is named after the “glass-off hour” which is the time of day when surfers consider conditions to be perfect.  

A sustainability angle we particularly like is that 7TILL8 offer free repairs and alterations so their wetsuits last for years - which helps to justify the cost of their premium wetsuit over cheaper options.

January 6, 2022

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