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Sustainable dog wear startup

GOTO Sportswear makes dog wear from recycled plastic waste

After leaving the Finnish Navy, Toni Koutu partnered up with the Portuguese ocean clean up charity the Sequel Initiative to make dog leads and collars from recycled fishing nets and marine plastic waste.  Their solution : "Regenerated harnesses from marine plastic waste collected from the oceans- the world's lightest harness".⁠

Dog accessories need to be strong and durable to cope with everything a lively dog can throw at them - so GOTO-Sportwear make sure that every part of their products are built to last. They use SEAQUAL® YARN material made from 70% up cycled marine plastic and 30% recycled plastic waste with buckles made from recycled polyamide.

They also offer to buy back their products when they come to the end of their life, or even when the customer just doesnt need it any more, and recycle them to prevent them going back into waste. Depending on their condition, repurchased products are either sold on to new customers or taken apart so the material can be used in new products.

October 14, 2022

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