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Tyre Collective Startup

A startup collecting harmful car tyre dust to curb micro plastic pollution.

The Type Collective have created an award winning device to collect harmful tyre dust and cut micro plastic pollution.

Every time Do you ever stop to think what happens when tyres wear down - where does it all go?

Tyre particles are the second largest micro plastic pollutant in our oceans. Every time you brake, accelerate or corner in your car, particles come off and enter the air we breath and run into our waterways. Half a million tonnes of tyre-wear particles are produced each year across Europe. A typical car produces 2g of tyre particles a day, and a london bus up to 330g a day. The Tyre Collective device captures 60% of these tyre particles using electrostatics.

The Tyre Collective found that tyre particles become positively charged due to friction with the road and realised that they could use electrostatics to capture them on charged collection plates next to the tyre and store the particles in a removable storage unit to stop them entering the environment.

The device won the Dyson Award in 2020.

At Cow-Shed we think every car should fit this device!

June 10, 2021