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Volunteer Dog Drone Startup

Volunteer Drone Pilots reunite owners with lost dogs

When Graham Burton heard that an elderly lady was quoted £800 by drone pilots to look for her missing dog, he stepped in and asked two drone pilots he knew to help. Happily they reunited the lady with her missing labrador at no charge. Having realised how good drones were for looking for missing dogs over large areas of fields or parks - often covering ground in minutes that would take hours to walk - he created a team of 1,700 volunteer drone pilots who are happy to look for missing dogs without charging.  In the last 4 years they have found over 2,000 lost dogs and reunited them with their owners.

As well as dogs, the team have also helped to find a pig, horse, cows and goats. Cats are much harder to find as they climb trees and hide out of sight of the drone, but the team have managed to find a few.

October 14, 2021

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