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Wag - an AI dog walking app

Wag uses AI to provide a personalised dog walking service

"Wag Labs," commonly known as "Wag!"  connects dog owners with dog walkers in their local area. The company utilises AI and machine learning algorithms to enhance its services and provide a personalised experience for both dog owners and walkers. Celebrity users apparently include Mariah Carey and Kendall Jenner.

Wag utilises AI technology on its platform to enhance the dog walking experience:

Matching dog owners and walkers: Wag employs smart algorithms powered by AI to match dog owners with the most suitable dog walkers. These algorithms consider various factors such as location, availability, and specific care requirements for dogs. By taking into account the walker's experience, customer reviews, and the dog's behaviour, Wag optimises the matching process, ensuring that each dog owner is paired with a compatible and reliable walker.

Real-time tracking for peace of mind: Wag's mobile app incorporates AI-driven GPS tracking, allowing dog owners to monitor their pets' walks in real-time. This feature provides transparency and peace of mind as owners can view the route taken by the walker, the duration of the walk, and the distance covered. With real-time tracking, owners can stay connected and reassured about their dog's well-being while they are out for a walk.

Insights into dog behaviour: Using AI algorithms, Wag analyses data collected from each dog walk, including feedback from both dog owners and walkers. This analysis helps identify patterns and behaviours, offering valuable insights into a dog's preferences, changes in behaviour, and overall well-being. By better understanding their pets, owners can make more informed decisions about their care and ensure they are happy and content.

Photo-sharing with added intelligence: Wag's app features a photo-sharing capability that enables dog walkers to capture images of the dogs during walks. AI-powered image recognition algorithms can identify the dog's breed and analyse its emotional state based on facial expressions. This adds an extra layer of information for owners, providing them with glimpses of their dog's experiences and emotions during the walk.

Wag was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2015. Initially SoftBank took a stake which it sold at the end of 2019. Wag went public in August 2022 by merging with CHW Acquisition Corp who provided them with $175 million in cash.  

May 11, 2023

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