Work from Hotel Startup

Work from home in a hotel

Work from Hotel Startup

Covid has hit the hotel industry hard and as remote working looks like it is here to stay, an Italian startup that helps customers book hotels online has come up with a plan to turn empty hotel rooms and lobbies into office space to rent, giving remote workers a place to go while helping hotels make some money.

CEO Simon Botto explains : “During lockdown — when people were at home and hotels had to close — we really felt the impact.”

The ‘smart working’ service, launched first in Italy and now in the UK, lets people book a hotel room for the day to use as their office. The startup has signed up 400 hotels and is averaging 300 bookings a week.

Corporates looking to restructure their workplaces are interested. Because of the high cost of corporate buildings, hiring a hotel room to work in is about 50% cheaper than the cost of a desk in an office.