The Bristol CBT Clinic

The Bristol CBT Clinic helps children, teenagers, students and young people under 25 with anxiety and low mood make positive and lasting changes


March 2020 • Ongoing 2022


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Project Summary

We kicked off the project with our Business Modelling workshop to clearly define what the Bristol CBT Clinic was doing and why - the problem they were solving. Having created a Lean Canvas it was clear the clinic had 3 types of clients who all had different problems and requirements that the clinic was offering solutions for and that we would focus on these.

We followed this up with our Marketing Modelling workshop where we discussed all the marketing tools available to the clinic and which ones we would prioritise. We prioritised ways we could share Kate's extensive expertise - for example with video clips, resource factsheets, regular articles, podcasts and liaisons with local newspapers and radio stations.

We built a bespoke website to showcase these resources which is fast and clear for people to navigate and find out about different conditions and how to set up appointments. Reviews from the clinic's clients were very positive : "I just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic new website – looks really good and very impressive."

Ongoing support has included creating a Financial Model so that the clinic can see how changes in their client numbers and the impact of changes to their income and costs will affect their overall profitability and support with resourcing and recruitment.


Thank goodness for Cow-Shed! My client figures have more than doubled over the last six months and with Emma and Johnny’s support, I am now in the process of scaling up the business and focusing on recruiting employees.
Dr Kate Donoghue

Founder and Director of Bristol CBT Clinic