Shere Kitchens

Shere Kitchens craft beautiful handmade wood kitchens at their Surrey workshop


2018 - current


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Bespoke Website

Project Summary

Cow-Shed have supported the Shere Kitchens team with business, financial and marketing strategy and provide ongoing business mentoring.

Cow-Shed have developed a bespoke website which has grown in line with the business and provide ongoing website support.


We feel incredibly lucky to have found Cow-Shed Startup from the beginning of our journey setting up Shere Kitchens. We approached them to help us set up our website; and they coached us through developing a business plan, marketing plan, financial planning & social media training and continue to support us as we grow. They help us prioritise our plans and investments so that we're growing in a very competitive market. Everything they do is highly personalised, clear, linked up & so well thought through. We are so grateful in particular that they suggested the idea that we plant a tree for every kitchen we make. It has blossomed into a really beautiful project and linked us with many new friends in the Surrey Hills. Working with Cow-Shed Startup certainly reduces our stress & overwhelm as we don't feel alone. Benefiting from their expertise, we feel nurtured, supported and confident in ourselves & our business.
Ella Driscoll