We are a start up support
studio based in Surrey

Since 2004, we have been helping startups develop business, financial and marketing strategies and build beautiful websites. We make businesses profitable.

At Cow-Shed, our mission is to make

startups profitable

We help our clients build
business, financial & marketing strategies

With exceptional results


We collaborate with our clients to build places that are lined up with their time and environment 


We are an international & human-sized team of experienced architects and designers

Our fields of



Use a business model framework to describe how you create and deliver a product or service that solves a problem, creating value for your customers and providing sustainable profits for your business.


Assess the financial resources required to implement your business strategy using a financial model to forecast cash flow, profitability and financing requirements associated with a range of scenarios.


Identify your market and develop a strategy to attract your customers. Create your key messages and develop channels to reach your customers to ensure that your business achieves its sales targets.


Create a standout website and social media presence with a custom website. Establish an integrated social media presence and learn how to use it effectively.

It's tough out there


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The Cow-Shed, Guildford, Surrey